Healthy Eating on the Go
for Alberta Oil Companies
Remote Workers
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You have staff that rely on your Health and Safety Program. We have the resources and people to make a difference with their nutrition choices.  Check out all that we offer:

Eating Healthy on the Go for Remote Workers

Seminars & Support

  • convenience store eating
  • dining out
  • fast food
  • metabolism
  • understanding how food works for you
  • diner eating
  • energy drinks - good ones
  • protein powders - unprocessed ones
  • how to stay on track when in 21 days and out a bunch too.
  • tips on how to pack a kit for success at Hotels and fast food & 7-11 and Mac's stores!

 email me for more about how I can help your company.

Treadmills and other machinesWeights
  • Seminars     
  • Private Consultations

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